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Crime: A Novel

Crime: A Novel

Author(s): Welsh, Irvine

Pages: 320

Year: 2008-09-17

Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company

URL: http://www.amazon.com/Crime-A-Novel-Irvine-Welsh/dp/0393068196%3FSubscripti…

ISBN: 393068196

Abstract: Book Description: Irvine (Trainspotting) Welsh brings his brand of mayhem to the glitzed-out, drugs-and-danger state of Florida.In the wake of a nasty child-murder case, Detective Inspector Ray Lennox of the Edinburgh PD has suffered a full-scale breakdown. He's been placed on leave for mental retuning and takes off for a few days of sun in Miami. From there, Crime becomes an unmistakably Welshian blend of the macabre and the psychologically astute, as Lennox faces a dwindling supply of antidepressants, a bridal-magazine-toting fiancée who wants him to think seriously about floral arrangements, and some coke-happy locals who lead him back into old habits. Is he really in the right shape to be playing knight-errant to a terrified ten-year-old girl? Will his best instincts and worst judgments get them both killed, or find him the redemption he seeks?

Category: Fiction

Location: Arnhem