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The Real Story (The Gap Series)

The Real Story (The Gap Series)

Author(s): Donaldson, Stephen

Pages: 208

Year: 1991-11-07

Publisher: Voyager

URL: http://www.amazon.com/The-Real-Story-Gap-Series/dp/000647019X%3FSubscriptio…

ISBN: 000647019X

Abstract: Book Description: A new-cover reissue of the first book in the bestselling five-volume sf series created by the world-famous author of the Thomas Covenant chronicles -- and acclaimed as the 'best work of his career'. Crossing the Gap -- faster-than-light travel -- has become commonplace throughout explored space, and all of it is controlled by a single monolithic corporation, the United Mining Companies. At the farthest reaches of the UMC's fiefdoms The Real Story unfolds. The story starts small, with a simple case of ore piracy, and focuses on three individuals: Angus Thermopyle, a pirate and murderer who will stop at nothing for personal gain, Morn Hyland, a brilliant young policewoman who has committed a horrifying act and who falls prey to Thermopyle, and Nick Succorso, a legendary star captain who may be the key to Morn's salvation...or her worst nightmare. But The Real Story is not that simple. Through the lives of Angus, Morn and Nick, an entire world begins to unfold -- a world of politics and betrayal, extraordinary developments, and a shadowy alien presence that lies on the other side of the Gap.

Category: Fiction

Location: Arnhem