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Pomp and Circumstance: A novel (Coward Collection)

Pomp and Circumstance: A novel (Coward Collection)

Author(s): Coward, Noël

Pages: 304

Year: 2007-08-14

Publisher: Bloomsbury Methuen Drama

URL: http://www.amazon.com/Pomp-Circumstance-novel-Coward-Collection/dp/04135637…

ISBN: 413563707

Abstract: Book Description: First published in 1960, Pomp and Circumstance, Coward's only novel, was greeted with wide critical acclaim. 'A South Sea Bubble of a book it is, with a Royal Visit expected on the Island of Samolo, and the narrator, a mother of three, dealing with everything from chicken-pox to the amours of a visiting Duchess' (Daily Telegraph), 'If there is anywhere on earth where the old Coward world still credibly lingers on, it is probably a fairly peaceful tropical colony ruled over by a British Governor General . . . Coward's long cast list might have walked out of one of his better comedies' (Evening Standard), 'It is all good, near-clean fun, magnificently readable' (Sunday Times).

Category: Fiction

Location: Arnhem