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Total Loss: A Collection of 45 First-Hand Accounts of Yacht Losses at Sea

Total Loss: A Collection of 45 First-Hand Accounts of Yacht Losses at Sea

Author(s): Coote, Jack H.

Designer(s): Chris Ryley

Pages: 320

Year: 2001

Publisher: Adlard Coles Nautical

URL: http://www.amazon.com/Total-Loss-Collection-First-Hand-Accounts/dp/07136583…

ISBN: 713658363

Abstract: Book Description: This is an enthralling collection of 50 dramatic stories of yachts lost at sea. First published in 1985, Jack Coote's book of first-hand accounts has been comprehensively updated and revised, with the addition of more than 20 new stories, including the loss of Pete Goss's 4m pound catamaran, Team Philips, in an Atlantic storm at the end of 2000. The authors include such well-known sailors as Isabelle Autissier, Mike Richey, Josh Hall and Peter Crowther, as well as the late Phil Weld, Frank Mulville, Peter Tangvald and H W Tilman. Their moving, emotionally charged descriptions of abandoning their yachts at sea will have you on the edge of your seat. But these are more than just gripping tales of disaster. They carry valuable lessons which the survivors have been able to pass on to all who go to sea for pleasure. Here are tales of collisions with UFOs (unidentified floating objects), fire and explosion, exhaustion and crew failure, capsize, faulty navigation, dismastings and severe storms. Every year, hundreds of yachts are lost at sea. For those who wish to avoid a similar fate, or learn how best to cope with emergencies, this book is essential, thought-provoking bunkside reading.

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