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Confession of a Murderer

Confession of a Murderer

Author(s): Roth, Joseph

Pages: 192

Year: 2003-11-01

Publisher: Granta Books

URL: http://www.amazon.com/Confession-Murderer-Joseph-Roth/dp/1862076219%3FSubscā€¦

ISBN: 1862076219

Abstract: Book Description: 'I have killed and yet I consider myself to be a good man.' So begins the tale of former Russian secret agent Golubchik, holding court after hours in a tiny Russian restaurant on Paris's left bank. As he recounts his tale to a rapt audience they find themselves drawn into his futile quest to claim the noble name of his father, his destructive love affair with a beautiful model and his hatred for his half-brother, the rightful Prince. Confession of a Murderer spans rural Russia, cosmopolitan St Petersburg and pre-First World War Paris and alternately fascinates and horrifies the reader with its wild story of collaboration, deception and murder in the days leading up to the Russian Revolution.

Category: Fiction

Location: Arnhem