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Robby Müller: Cinematography

Robby Müller: Cinematography

Author(s): Deursen, Linda van\Vries, Marietta

Pages: 248

Year: 2014-02-28

Publisher: JRP|Ringier

URL: http://www.amazon.com/Robby-M%C3%BCller-Cinematography-Linda-Deursen/dp/303…

ISBN: 3037643412

Abstract: Book Description: Robby Müller (born 1940) is one of the most inspiring cinematographers of our time. His influence can be traced throughout his long-term collaborations with directors such as Wim Wenders (with whom he has worked since 1969) and Jim Jarmusch, and his groundbreaking work for such films as Breaking the Waves and Dancer in the Dark by Lars von Trier. Müller not only helped to shape these films, but his contribution also reveals an adventurous and creative vision that can be seen in many other films, by directors such as Alex Cox and Barbet Schroeder. Surveying his illustrious career, this publication offers visual insight into his artistic flexibility and technical expertise as a cinematographer, and reveals his passionate pleasure in the nature of light in all its manifestations. The book includes a preface by Wim Wenders.

Category: Film, Music

Location: Arnhem