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US Trade Center Graphics in Europe

US Trade Center Graphics in Europe

Author(s): Bombelli, Lanfranco

Designer(s): Cla-se

Pages: 96

Year: 2008-09-01

Publisher: Actar

URL: http://www.amazon.com/US-Trade-Center-Graphics-Europe/dp/8496540618%3FSubscā€¦

ISBN: 8496540618

Abstract: Book Description: The book includes a selection of the sketches that Lanfranco Bombelli drafted, first in Paris and later in Barcelona, for the graphics of the exhibitions in the American Trade Centers in Milan, Stockholm, Paris and Frankfurt, from 1963 to 1978, until they were closed, as a continuation of what the Marshall Plan had been. His artistry in geometrical compositions is based on a minimum of plastic means and inspired by mathematical principles. Each exhibition was prepared in four to five days, two for the project and three for the production.

Category: Graphic Design

Location: Arnhem