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JPG 2: Japan Graphics

JPG 2: Japan Graphics

Author(s): Sakamoto, Tomoko

Pages: 280

Year: 2006-09-01

Publisher: Actar

URL: http://www.amazon.com/JPG-Japan-Graphics-Tomoko-Sakamoto/dp/8496540146%3FSuā€¦

ISBN: 8496540146

Abstract: Book Description: Volume two of JPG, Japan Graphics, is a comprehensive survey of contemporary Japanese graphic design and illustration. The changes in Japanese graphic design after the first volume have proved to be far beyond our imagination. Instead of 'more copies, higher resolution, to a wider audience,' there is a greater focus on individual and original works. JPG 2 brings together over 20 design teams, showcasing the evolution of teams from the first JPG as well as showcasing new projects, new teams, and the best contemporary design talents. Works by Amane Murakami, Buddha Productions, Dainippon Type Organization, Enlightenment, Hideki Inaba, Higraph, keitarrow, Loworks, Keigo Mohri, Namaiki, Shinji Shimada, Ryuh Tomoaki, Sunday-Vision, Power Graphixx, Takora, Taku Anekawa, TGB design, Tsuyoshi Kusano, Tsuyoshi Hirooka, wabisabi, iseneehihinee.The book is divided into 13 chapters: Photo + graphics, Imaginary landscapes, Printed matter, Customize on the product, Re-product design, Order made, Talking graphics, Portrait, Activism, Fake analog, Digital error, Super fine lines and Digital/manual interaction.

Category: Graphic Design

Location: Arnhem