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Maelfa (Bedford Press Editions)

Maelfa (Bedford Press Editions)

Author(s): Edwards, Sean\Jacob, Sam

Designer(s): Zak Kyes

Pages: 64

Year: 2010-11-01

Publisher: Bedford Press

URL: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Maelfa-Bedford-Press-Editions-Edwards/dp/1907414096…

ISBN: 1907414096

Abstract: Book Description: Maelfa is the focus of artist Sean Edwards's portrait of the near derelict Maelfa Shopping Centre in Llanedeyrn. The book is composed of images shot as research for his film Maelfa (2010) which touches upon the poignancy of disappearing communities and failed utopian aspirations. Included is a text by Sam Jacob on the architectural history of the centre.

Category: Architecture/Design

Location: Arnhem