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Metropolitan World Atlas

Metropolitan World Atlas

Author(s): Susteren, Arjen Van

Year: 2004-07-20

Publisher: 010 Uitgeverij

URL: http://www.amazon.com/Metropolitan-World-Atlas-Arjen-Susteren/dp/9064505489…

ISBN: 9064505489

Abstract: Book Description: Its wealth of facts and clean, abstract design, the Metropolitan World Atlas is a must-buy. Despite the burgeoning interest in metropolitan growth and globalization there has been no way of directly comparing metropolises - until now, that is. This atlas offers a unique survey of global trade networks and their impact on metropolitan space. It documents a total of 101 metropolises, analysing them in easy-to-read ground plans. It also includes index numbers and tables regarding such aspects as population, density, pollution, travel time, data traffic, air and water travel and the size of Central Business Districts. Its unexpected combination of ground plans and statistics makes this atlas a unique work of reference where for the first time metropolitan areas like Beijing, Lagos, London, Los Angeles, Rio de Janeiro and Tokyo can be compared with one another and in terms of their position in the global urban network.

Category: Architecture/Design

Location: Arnhem