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Unmentionables: A Brief History of Underwear

Unmentionables: A Brief History of Underwear

Author(s): Benson, Elaine\Esten, John

Pages: 160

Year: 1996-11-11

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

URL: http://www.amazon.com/Unmentionables-A-Brief-History-Underwear/dp/068482266…

ISBN: 684822660

Abstract: Book Description: In ancient Greece, women strapped lengths of cloth across their breasts and then covered them with tunics. These bosom protectors were the antecedents of the brassiere, which didn't come along until the 20th century. With the use of fine art, photography, film stills, cartoons, and ads, Unmentionables describes the social history of a subject that holds a powerful fascination for us all. 120 full color and b&w illustrations.

Category: Architecture/Design

Location: Arnhem