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Helvetica: Homage to a Typeface

Author(s): Muller, Lars

Designer(s): Lars Muller

Pages: 256

Year: 2002-11-15

Publisher: Lars Muller

URL: http://www.amazon.com/Helvetica-Homage-Typeface-Lars-Muller/dp/3037780460%3…

ISBN: 3037780460

Abstract: Book Description: Helvetica is a sans-serif typeface. It is simple and clean, and commonly seen in advertising, signage, and literature. The R has a curved leg, and the i and j have square dots. The Q has a straight angled tail, and the counterforms inside the O, Q, and C are oval. It is an all-purpose type design that can deliver practically any message clearly and efficiently. It is one of the most popular typefaces of all time. Helvetica: Homage to a Typeface presents 400 examples of Helvetica in action, selected from two diametrically opposed worlds. Superb applications by renowned designers are juxtaposed with an anonymous collection of ugly, ingenious, charming, and hair-raising samples of its use.

Category: Typography

Location: Arnhem