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ECAL: Typeface as Program

ECAL: Typeface as Program

Author(s): Bilak, Peter\Lehni, Jürg\Spiekermann, Erik

Designer(s): David Keshavjee, Julien Tavelli

Pages: 180

Year: 2010

Publisher: JRP|Ringier

URL: http://www.amazon.com/ECAL-Typeface-Program-Peter-Bilak/dp/3037640723%3FSub…

ISBN: 3037640723

Abstract: Book Description: This publication continues the ECAL design series that was inaugurated with ECAL Graphic Design and ECAL Typography. Asking whether a computer program could be assigned the routine tasks of letter design, and whether novel forms might evolve through the manipulation of fonts' algorithmic data, the book details the results of several workshops aimed at extending the scope of the typographic game.

Category: Typography

Location: Arnhem