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S.O.H. (States of Humanity)

S.O.H. (States of Humanity)

Author(s): Vermeulen, Alex

Pages: 120

Year: 1999

Publisher: Syndicaat

URL: http://www.amazon.com/S-O-H-States-Humanity-Alex-Vermeulen/dp/B007IVIULA%3F…

ISBN: 9056621114

Abstract: Since his very first activities as an artist, the interaction with an audience has been extremely important for him. They are not uninvolved spectators, but are challenged, compromised, forced to take a stance. The book is an extension of the way of working seen in S O H. The States of Humanity book is to be a travel guide for a present-day metropolis: a manual full of cross references, coincidences, allusions, stories, pictures, associations. The structure of the publication should give 'the visitor' a feeling that the different components refer to the planological structure of an imaginary world - a conglomerate of alleyways, streets, boulevards and squares, each with its own character and social traffic.

Category: Art/Artist book

Location: Arnhem