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Rencontres 9 Almine Rech, James Turrell

Author(s): Rech, Almine\Turrell, James

Language(s): English, French

Pages: 176

Year: 2005

Publisher: Images Modernes

URL: http://www.photoeye.com/bookstore/citation.cfm?Catalog=CF128

ISBN: 2913355285

Abstract: Featuring the work of James Turrell, with an interview by Almine Rech and an essay by Ana Maria Torres. \\An expansive new Editions Images Modernes text on James Turell, moving from the slim, softbound format of previous entries in the series to a more richly illustrated and in-depth look at Turell's work. Featuring an interview between Turrell and Almine Rech, an essay by Ana Maria Torress, and over one-hundred color illustrations depicting large- and small-scale works from all around the globe.

Location: Arnhem