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Pataphysics Magazine, Publishing Issue

Pataphysics Magazine, Publishing Issue

Pages: 146

Year: 2005

Publisher: Pataphysics

City: Melbourne

Abstract: Ballard, Burroughs & Re/Search: V. Vale Interview | After The Avant-Garde by Sylvère Lotringer | Surveillance And Wariness by Rupert Sheldrake | Rupert Sheldrake Interview | A Riverdale Address by David Shapiro | Architecture As Hypothesis – Madeline Gins & Arakawa | Ron Padgett Interview | Avant-Garde Poetry and Bootlegging by Ron Padgett | Arizona Highways by Ron Padgett | Palindromes: William Thomas Interview | A 4,963 Word Palindrome by William Thomas | In Recent Years Have Any Aspects of Your Concerns With Space Altered? Vito Acconci, Brian Aldiss, Nat & Ali, Carl Andre, J. G. Ballard, Mauro Baracco, Hakim Bey, Lawrence Block, Stephen Bram, Nadine Christensen, Tom Clark, Robert Clarke, Brett Colquhoun, David Corbett, Peter David, Madeline Gins & Arakawa, John Giorno, Mira Gojak, Leon Golub, Michal Govrin, Thomas Groetz, Bernard Heidsieck, Horst Kiechle, Jutta Koether, Richard Kostelanetz, Chris Kraus, Tom Lamberty, Niki Marangou, Gerald Murnane, David Noonan, Charles North, Klaus Ottmann, Mary Jo Putney, Mia Van Der Rohe, Terry Winters | Gemini by Tony Towle | The Nagi Group by Ranald White | James Schuyler: Charles North Interview by Justin Jamail & Andrew Mccarron | A Graphic Designer In The 1940s | The Making Of A Monster: Summertime For Hitler & Conversation With Cult German Actress Lotti Huber (Berlin, July 20, 1985) By Sylvère Lotringer, Becoming A Politician by Leo Edelstein | Typhoon by Judith Elliston | Shower Curtains by Aaron Fogel | Strangely Like War by Derrick Jensen & George Draffan | Photographs by Jonathan Billich | The Goods by Mia Van Der Rohe | Barney Rosset Interview | One Man Show With Maps by Paul Violi | Nebel-Leben (Excerpts) Stephen Bram/Andrew Hurle | Security At The Compound

Category: Philosophy

Location: Arnhem