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Jörg Koopmann: Cat Seen

Author(s): Daniel Pies

Pages: 160

Year: 2009

Publisher: Book With A Beard

URL: http://www.amazon.com/Cat-Seen-Joerg-Koopmann/dp/3000267328%3FSubscriptionI…

ISBN: 3000267328

Abstract: Cat Seen is the combination of 2 series by Koopmann, Pet Houses and The Naked Forest.\Pet Houses always on the left, The Naked Forest always on the right. Just as with his Auto book, and as with most work he publishes and exhibits, he seamlessly combines he assignment work with personal work, so seamlessly that one can't really speak of the two being separated at all. Jörg Koopmann, based in Munich, is well known for his contributions to some of the top magazines including Die Zeit, Spex, Wallpaper etc. focusing mostly on travel photography. \\It is in an edition of 1000, not necessarily a 'limited edition' typical of the Buffet, but it is fitting in the sense that each of the 1000 copies is hand numbered on the spine.

Category: Photography

Location: Arnhem