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Auschwitz-Oswiecim: The Hidden City in the East

Auschwitz-Oswiecim: The Hidden City in the East

Author(s): Starzynska, Barbara\Citroen, Hans

Designer(s): Katrien van der Eerden

Pages: 416

Year: 2012-04-15

Publisher: Post Editions

URL: http://www.amazon.com/Auschwitz-Oswiecim-The-Hidden-City-East/dp/9460830501…

ISBN: 9460830501

Abstract: Book Description: Artist Hans Citroen and architect Barbara Starzynska look anew at one of the planet's most highly charged sites: the Auschwitz death camp and the Polish town of Oswiecim. In the process, the authors investigate how time re-writes and redefines the history of a place, exploring how we write history, and the meaning of collective memory. This striking, Japanese-style book mixes images and text, featuring Citroen's contemporary views from front-to-back, and Starzynska's black-and-white historical documentation when reversed. More than a million visitors a year come to see the wartime remains, creating a complicated engagement among pilgrims, tourists, survivors and residents. ''A page-turner about the afterlife of a death camp?'' asks Auschwitz scholar Robert Jan van Pelt. The authors ''have made me see both wartime Auschwitz and today's Oswiecim anew.''

Category: Photography

Location: Arnhem