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Hans Aarsman: Vroomm! Vroomm!

Hans Aarsman: Vroomm! Vroomm!

Author(s): Aarsman, Hans

Designer(s): Hans Aarsman

Pages: 176

Year: 2003

Publisher: nai010 publishers

URL: http://www.amazon.com/Hans-Aarsman-Vroomm/dp/9056622927%3FSubscriptionId%3D…

ISBN: 9056622927

Abstract: Cars are smelly, ugly, fatal purveyors of gridlock and pollution--but they are also practical, beautiful status symbols that offer freedom of movement. With so many of them around, it is best that we treat them as allies, as Dutch photographer and writer Hans Aarsman does here via a collage of his and found pictures, traffic analyses and market research.

Category: Photography

Location: Arnhem