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Author(s): Roth, Philip

Pages: 182

Year: 2006

Publisher: Vintage

URL: http://www.amazon.com/Everyman-Philip-Roth/dp/0307277712%3FSubscriptionId%3…

ISBN: 307277712

Abstract: Book Description: Philip Roth's new novel is a candidly intimate yet universal story of loss, regret, and stoicism. The bestselling author of The Plot Against America now turns his attention from 'one family's harrowing encounter with history' (New York Times) to one man's lifelong skirmish with mortality. The fate of Roth's everyman is traced from his first shocking confrontation with death on the idyllic beaches of his childhood summers, through the family trials and professional achievements of his vigorous adulthood, and into his old age, when he is rended by observing the deterioration of his contemporaries and stalked by his own physical woes. The terrain of this powerful novel is the human body. Its subject is the common experience that terrifies us all.

Category: Fiction

Location: Arnhem