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Solution 1-10: Umbauland

Solution 1-10: Umbauland

Author(s): Niermann, Ingo\Thiel, Jens

Pages: 84

Year: 2009

Publisher: Sternberg Press

URL: http://www.amazon.com/Solutions-1-10-Umbauland-Ingo-Niermann/dp/1933128585%…

ISBN: 1933128585

Abstract: The reunification of Germany at the fall of the Berlin Wall did not automatically accomplish the goal of reuniting the German people, who had five decades of differences in post-World War II government, education, and culture to overcome. Artist/novelist Ingo Niermann suggests ten provokingly simple ideas to reunite his homeland, including a new grammar, a new political party, and assigning allotment gardens to unemployed people and retirees. He also proposes building a Great Pyramid in a derelict region of eastern Germany, meant to be the tallest building in the world, which would be a tourist attraction and economic engine for the region.

Category: Art Theory/Art History

Location: Arnhem