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Games Oligopolists Play

Games Oligopolists Play

Author(s): Kovitz, Rob

Designer(s): Rob Kovitz

Pages: 84

Year: 2000-10-01

Publisher: Treyf Books

URL: http://www.amazon.com/Games-Oligopolists-Play-Rob-Kovitz/dp/0969616937%3FSuā€¦

ISBN: 969616937

Abstract: Book Description: 'Oligopoly, like international diplomacy, labor-management negotiations, and so on, is one of the speediest and most thrilling of sports.' Playing without a helmet, book artist Rob Kovitz goes for the low corner in another of his unusual books. GAMES OLIGOPOLISTS PLAY is an illustrated guide to oligopolists playing at Canada's favorite game, along with pointed commentary from expert analysts Jean Chretien, Brian Mulroney, and Don Cherry. Handsomely designed and printed, this book consists of verbatim quotes and numerous full-page photos from economic textbooks, game theory, and various books and articles on hockey, all combined together in a subjectively objective kind of way. Sharp and funny political/social satire for beginning and advanced fans alike. Artist's book/bookwork, 84 pages, 5 x 6.25 inches, red duotone paperback cover, 44 B+W photos, printed on #80 smooth white paper.

Category: Art/Artist book

Location: Arnhem