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Manon de Boer

Manon de Boer

Author(s): Larsen, Lars Bang\Martinez, Chus\Rolnik, Suely

Designer(s): Maureen Mooren, Sandra Kassenaar

Pages: 244

Year: 2008-09-01

Publisher: Witte de With

URL: http://www.amazon.com/Manon-Boer-Lars-Bang-Larsen/dp/9073362806%3FSubscript…

ISBN: 9073362806

Abstract: Book Description: This is the first extensive monograph on the work of Dutch artist Manon de Boer, published on the occasion of her first survey exhibition at Frankfurter Kunstverein and her solo show at Witte de With, Rotterdam. De Boer's filmic portraits sculpt a unique notion of time, meditating on the intersections of personal memory and cultural history.

Category: Art/Artist book

Location: Arnhem