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My work is not my work: Pierre Bernard - Design for the public domain

Author(s): Boekraad, Hugues

Pages: 319

Year: 2008-03-04

Publisher: Lars Müller Publishers

URL: http://www.amazon.com/My-work-not-Pierre-Bernard/dp/3037780878%3FSubscripti…

ISBN: 3037780878

Abstract: Book Description: The French designer Pierre Bernard focuses in his work – a comprehensive survey of which is offered here for the first time – on the public domain, on communication between governments and citizens, on notification and orientation in the public realm. As a designer, Pierre Bernard is a thinker who incorporates not only form but also content and context into his works. 'Visual design won’t turn the world into a paradise, but it can help to bring about a more humane world.' A striking example is his concept for the Louvre’s corporate identity in Paris. Bernard is omnipresent in France with his design for the distinctive seal of the French National Parks. The Erasmus Prize 2006 is being awarded to Pierre Bernard in recognition of his contributions to 'design in the public domain.' The award is given annually for special achievements in European culture and society.

Category: Graphic Design

Location: Arnhem