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Slide Shows: Preview

Slide Shows: Preview

Author(s): Cheetham, Charlotte

Designer(s): The Future

Language(s): English

Pages: 40

Year: 2013

Publisher: Fillip Editions

URL: http://www.amazon.com/Slide-Shows-Preview-Samuel-Nyholm/dp/1927354129%3FSub…

ISBN: 1927354129

Abstract: Book Description: Slide Shows documents the landscape of international art publishing and design. Originally taking the form of a series of video presentations by publishers, designers, and artists, Slide Shows offers one possible cross section of a newly emergent field of book production. This publication documents the project, serving as a pocket reference to each of the profiles included in the series. Slide Shows includes contributions by 4478zine, And publishing, Xavier Antin, Booklet, Cambridge Books, Cannon Magazine, Charlotte Cheetham, An Endless Supply, David Horvitz, Int. Typo. Union, James Langdon, mono.kultur, Samuel Nyholm, Occasional Papers, Oslo Editions, Precinct, Michalis Pichler, Elias Redstone, David Senior, split/fountain, Eva Weinmayr, and Wendy Yao.

Category: Graphic Design

Location: Arnhem